"Michelle's secret? Empathy, understanding - whilst having the measure of her clients. She knows when to push and when to accept that you might really be tired on that particular day."

Catherine A Baudino, Baudino & Co.





> > Let's clip those bat wings, fit into that wedding suit or tux, pack a six or drop a dress size.

> > We will find exercises you really enjoy. 

> > Let's stop the excuses find the time, the best way to get started is to start

> > Burn baby burn and stretch the stress away.


select what works for you

> > Think trim rather than all the trimmings 

> > You can still treat yourself if you reduce the bad stuff.

> > No more snatch, grab and swallow, it’s now mindful food

> > Forego the diet for the tiny changes


we will find a balance in life

>> Do you feel like you are sleep walking through life with phones buzzing with over scheduled frenzied days?

>> The art of living well and  smarter with activity, release, fitness, health and motivation.

>> Are you cramming too much into your day responding to the external with no internal reflection?

>> Be healthier, fitter, happier and reward yourself. There are no instant get “fit” tricks.