How do I lose weight from a specific place on my body?

One cannot spot reduce in a specific area. People tend to store fat in different areas of the body, for example women are more likely to carry most of their weight on the hips, thighs, arms and men are more prone to fat on their mid section.

The best way to lose that fat in my experience is through a mixture of weight and cardiovascular training along with clean eating. Doing a 1000 crunches daily will not give you that desired 6 pack without doing the cardio work. To see that definition you would have to loose that excess fat first.

What diet should I be following?

I don’t believe in fad-diets for long term effects. They are not sustainable and you will most likely put on more weight than you initially started. I encourage my clients to follow a healthy balanced diet, which include all the macronutrients necessary for their body type, shape and goals.

It might mean making some small changes to your current eating habits, be it cutting out that daily chocolate bar at tea time or increasing your water, vegetable intake. Preparation is key when it comes to eating wisely. 

I want a tighter butt, how can I achieve this?

I often get women asking me for a toned, shapely butt and a small waist, inspired by the likes of Jlo, Kim Kardashian et al. Squats and deadlifts are the answer! It not only gives you a sexy butt, in fact it works the whole body.

Glutes being the largest muscle group will protect the rest of the body and give you overall power.  

Must I lift weights? I don’t want to get muscly.

Lifting heavy weight, for both women and men, will cause a flurry of positive systemic changes throughout your body. Your muscles respond by growing (which will also increase metabolism), bones become denser, hormonal regulation improves (that means a much more manageable menstrual period for women, among many other positive benefits).

Also your central nervous system responds by learning how to recruit more muscle fibers to contract on demand and it becomes more resilient to physical stress. Not to mention the real-life benefits of just being stronger. And these are just a few of the reasons why you should lift heavy.

I have never trained or been to the gym before, is it too late?

It’s never too late to exercise, you can start at any age, anytime…in fact one of my strongest women started at the age of 60.

She even managed to impress David Ginola in the gym with her press ups!

 I have injuries, lower back pain, I’m scared to train, what do you recommend I do?

Our bodies are designed to move, in order to recover from any type of injury or back pain it is vital that you exercise.

I specialise too in rehabilitation. I often get clients with shoulder, knee, hip, back injuries who have managed to fully recover after training with me.